Bacon Rashers

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Bacon Rashers:

Here at Jikoni Joe we strive for higher ideals and as such when it comes to bacon, we take the pork by the belly-so to speak.  No, seriously, when it comes to bacon, we slice the meat properly so that slices or rashers of bacon include both belly and loin. This magnificent cut of meat will hopefully be such an irresistible, delicious feast for the senses…  leaving you with an unforgettable bacon aesthetic experience, as has come to be synonymous with the Jikoni Joe tradition.

It is these two distinct parts of the meat that when fused together into one single rasher (thin slice), create a most delightfully flavorful culinary journey which may even leave you asking, like Tom Sawyer, for a second helping.  Nobody does this cut quite as well as the skilled craftsmen at Jikoni Joe.