Introducing JikoniJoe Mutton.

Did you know that here in the US the mutton that you buy in the store comes from a few different places—both domestic and imported.

Our US Domestic mutton ( Mbuzi ama Kondoo) is distinguished by its larger size and milder flavor, while Mutton imported from Australia or New Zealand features a gamier taste.

We understand that every now and again you may want to try the best of both worlds.

That is why Only here at JikoniJoe will we give you the option of choosing whether you want to try out the imported mutton or the local domestic mutton..

 Our lamb is prepared under the safest and most humane conditions as expected -under USDA auspices and all our meat is inspected and passed for food safety purposes. We only offer you the best.

We pack each box of mutton in boxes anywhere from 40 lbs. to 50lbs.  boxes depending on the source. We try to keep the weights as close as possible to the purchase weight i.e. if you buy half a side of mutton, we would offer you the front leg, back leg, side of rib and the rest would be cut into decent cubes to facilitate easy grilling, stewing or storage for later cooking.

We want you to cut down on prep time with our perfectly sized JikoniJoe mutton cubes for kebabs or stew meat. We would ensure that the weight is 20 lbs. or 25 lbs. as you purchased. For an entire side of mutton we would pack all the cuts and ensure that the weight is exactly what you have ordered.

Lets order some mutton ( mbuzi ama kondoo) now.


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