Beef Sausages

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Each single pack of beef sausages weighs 1 pound. Each packet of sausages contains 8 sausage links in each vacuum* pack or 10 thick links in a tray pack.

 *Picture of the 8 pack of Vacuum packaged Beef Sausages.  

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(a) 'One' packet of Beef Sausages contains 8  sausages in a vacuum package or 10 sausages in a single tray pack. 

(b) Bundles of Beef Sausages. Our variety ranges from 5 packs of sausages containing 8 or 10 sausages per pack=45 or 50 sausages combined i.e.

  1. 40 Sausage Vacum pack Bundle: 5 individual packets containing 8 sausages (links) per Vaccum packet. One packet contains 8 sausages per packet.
  2. 50 Sausage Bundle: 5 individual packets containing 10 sausages (links) per tray packet. One packet contains 10 sausages per tray pack . Please note: occasional frosting will appear on tray pack products but this does not affect the quality of the product. Defrosting frozen,, raw JikoniJoe products in the refrigerator is the best method. Please avoid soaking the sausages in water or using a microwave. 

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All JikoniJoe Sausages are meaty, and full of flavor.