Introducing the new mouth watering Guinness® Stout Banger!

Yes, we are talking about Irish Style Bangers/Sausages made with real Guinness® Stout and our trademark Jikonijoe seasonings. Our Legendary Sausages are now cooked with true to life Guinness® for Power, Flavor and Taste.

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Guinness® Sausages anyone?

The JikoniJoe Guinness® Sausage has arrived

Premium Pork Sausages

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The JikoniJoe Collection

Each single pack of Pork sausages weighs 1 pound. Each packet of sausages contains 10 sausages.


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Need a Recipe?

Bangers and Mash eh?    

Bangers and Mash eh?    

Bangers and Mash eh?    

This recipe is from a close friend from Bunratty Ireland. It is a very affordable traditional supper, and one that will be appreciated by your guests and family when you use the best of ingredients good sausage.

Only Premium Sausages will make the cut here. like Jikoni Joe chefs have painstakingly crafted amazingly good quality sausages since 2015 so don’t settle for less.

Click here to follow our link on You Tube "Cooking Jikoniz from a frozen state".

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