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Atta is an indian/pakistani name for dough, a pulverized whole wheat with brownish-white color. as oppose to roller mill grinding of wheat, indian wheat flour is grounded in stone mills popularly called as chakkis. chakki is nothing but a pair of stones, of which, one is stationery, and other is a rotating stone. this helps break the starch of the wheat sufficiently to release that extra sweetness while cooking it on your stove. atta typically has 11.5 to 13% protein content. even after high extraction, atta flour retains enough fiber and nutrients. indian atta is a good alternative for making french style artisan loaves of bread, and could easily replace french flours provided you maintain water level accordingly. if you want that excellent tasting chapatis/rotis (indian flatbread), swarna has got you covered. swarna’s atta has been a staple in most of the indian/pakistani kitchens globally.

Swarna Atta Whole Wheat Flour 4lbs

Swarna Atta Whole Wheat Flour 4lbs

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